Yoni Massage – english version

Yoni massage is an intimate massage for women. It focuses on the female intimate area, which is massaged as intensively as mindfully. You can explore your most intimate body parts with this special kind of massage and gain a whole new understanding of your body and your female sexuality.

The massage gives your femininity new impulses and can help you to an increased sexual sensitivity. It pampers you with a variety of sensations and moments of highest excitement and deepest relaxation. Sensual touches give wings to your femininity. The Yoni Massage is an important part of the Tantra Massage for women.

Get to know your vagina better with the Yoni Massage

The word Yoni in Indian Sanskrit stands for the female genitals. The term has entered the realm of new tantric movements and here it characterizes the intimate massage for women, which was developed specifically in Tantra. There was a great need for this, because women often do not know their vagina and thus an important part of themselves.

Many women have a complicated relationship with their vagina, or none at all. When it is addressed in the context of customary sexuality, it often takes place in a context of relationship issues and male-dominated sexual practices. In some circumstances, the vagina is a place marked by traumatic experiences such as difficult childbirth or other painful events.

As a result, some women associate their yoni only with unpleasant experiences. They have not yet been allowed to experience the pleasure, the sensual aspect and the great sensitivity of this body region in their lives.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that culturally the intimate area of women is still covered with a multitude of taboos. Unfortunately, women are not encouraged to develop a deep understanding of their yoni and their own femininity. This blocks their path to deep sexual feeling and ultimately to true lovemaking.

In this environment, most women find it difficult to develop their own sense of their yoni’s needs. It is even more difficult for them to articulate such needs to a partner. A real satisfaction on the physical level as well as in the adjacent mental and spiritual area is therefore hardly possible for many women. A latent dissatisfaction of the woman is often the result, which often has a negative effect on the quality of sexuality in the partnership and the entire relationship.

This is exactly where the Yoni Massage comes in. It helps you to get (back) in touch with all levels of your body and soul through wonderful, intensive touches. You can concentrate on yourself and do not have to worry about the satisfaction of your partner.

In this protected setting you will (again) feel what is good for your yoni and you in the end – and what is not. You will also find the courage to focus more on your needs and express them freely. Your partnership and your love life will benefit from this new relationship you build with your yoni. Your entire experience and sensation – not only in sexuality – will be stimulated and energized. Whoever can love intensely, lives intensely, self-confidently as well as powerfully and perceives with all senses – in feeling, tasting, seeing and hearing.

How do I perform a Yoni Massage?

Sensual and attentive touches stimulate your intimate area and help you explore your vagina and develop your feminine desire. During the massage I use high-quality almond oil. The so-called G-spot is also massaged and stimulated with gentle touches. You can completely let yourself go during the Yoni massage and completely surrender to your sensual sensations. Soft background music will support your comprehensive relaxation. Absolute cleanliness is a matter of course for me.

How do you experience a Yoni Massage?

The experiences you have during your Yoni massage are always very individual in the end. Most women experience deep relaxation and intense sexual arousal. There is also the possibility of orgasm, which is perceived as a welcome gift. As you take a journey into your own inner self during the massage and enter the temple of your own femininity, you may be confronted with the most intense sensations.

The letting go and deep relaxation promote holistic healing of injuries to the body and soul. If you have had negative experiences, strong energetic and sexual blockages may have formed, which can be dissolved during the Yoni Massage. This creates space for something new.

Many women experience pleasure and real joy during a Yoni Massage for the first time in a long time. You can simply let yourself go and think only of yourself. Maybe for the first time in a long time, or even for the first time in your life, you will be able to feel what true pleasure and sensuality means to you.

You will experience an expansion of your sensual, physical and energetic boundaries with the Yoni Massage. What effect the massage will have on your inner perception cannot be predicted exactly. It depends on many individual factors. Even if intense sensations and feelings should break out during the yoni massage, you can let yourself fall, because I will catch you empathetically at any time.

To summarize:

The Yoni Massage is an intimate massage for women.
The G-spot can also be massaged and stimulated.
The sensations vary from woman to woman
A yoni massage can dissolve sexual blockages.
It can help you to explore your pleasure.

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