Tantric massage for women

The tantric massage for women is rooted in the art of gentle and sensual touch. The tenets of Tantra originate from Indian philosophy. The form widely known nowadays has evolved from different tantric sources and is aligned with the principle that the relative is inseparable from the absolute. As such, the aim of a Tantra massage is to bring together mind, body and spirit.

The tantric massage offers a deeply sensual experience

… to any woman who is looking for more tenderness, or who wants to be pampered in the fullest sense of the word. During the tantric massage, every part of your body is touched. However, it is entirely up to you if you choose to experience the intimate Yoni massage, or not. Either way, I will fully respect your decision.

Tantric massage facilitates the blossoming of a woman’s desire, enhances her sexual experience and brings her enriching insights into her sexuality. Moreover, many women come to see their own bodies and emotions in a new and more positive light. After a tantric massage, women often experience a deep inner peace – which is what most people are looking for in life and in love.

Tantric massage for women offers a unique opportunity

… to forget the stresses and strains of everyday life, and dive into another world where you can experience a holistic approach to wellness and beauty. For this reason, it can be an interesting way to get back in touch with yourself and rediscover your sexuality. Very often the feedback I receive from clients is that they experience the rekindling of their passion and love of life.

The warm decor of the massage room, the candlelight and the soothing music, playing in the background during the tantric massage, provide you with a deeply relaxing setting. After the tantric massage, you will feel truly wonderful and the inner harmony you have found will shine through you.

Feedback from Gabrielle:

I have known Valeriu for 3 years now, when I went to him for my first-ever tantric massage. From the first time I walked into his massage room I was struck by his kindness, compassion and professionalism. He is an incredibly skilled and sensitive masseur as well as a wonderful, endearing human being with a beautiful smile and warm personality. He is always sensitive to my needs and is able to adapt his techniques according to my requirements.

Having a massage with him is such a joy and a treat! Often I feel the positive effects – more energy, peace and happiness – for days after. I also fully recommend his massage coaching, which I think most women could benefit from in order to better understand their own energies and those of their partner. Moreover, he is very discreet. In all these years, I have never heard him mention any information about any of his other clients. If you are thinking of having a massage with him, do not miss out on the opportunity!

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