I am Valeriu and I am glad you want to know more about me.

Tantra massage was for me the start of a mindful sexuality. When I think back to my first experience, it warms my heart and I feel deep thankfulness.

There are many great things in life to talk about, but a tantra massage is something you have to experience. And I feel so happy to have made this experience 20 years ago. Knowing that mindful touch gives a feeling of safety and appreciation made me totally curious.

After the massage I signed up for a tantra massage course to learn more about it. In the process I discovered my passion for this kind of touching, and later I had the desire to share my experience with other people and pass on appreciation.

Tantra Massage Studio Sinnesreise in Basel

For over 13 years I’ve been running my own massage studio in Basel and I often get messages like: „Hey Valeriu, no one has ever touched me so mindfully and lovingly before.“ or „Your massage has brought me further in my sexuality.“ or „Through you I’ve learned to love my body the way it is.“

That is the most beautiful thing I can get back, and the reason I do this kind of work. I want to see more love and appreciation in the world.

Presence and mindfulness are the essence of tantra massage. Together with my sensitive nature, endless passion for my profession and the magic of mindful touch, the massage becomes a very special experience for everyone.

Whether you already have experience with Tantra massage or not, you are welcome to join me. The only thing you need is time for yourself, a pinch of curiosity and a desire for touch in a mindful space.

I am looking forward to meeting you!



• Sexological Bodywork
• Integral Coaching
• Meditationslehrer
• Tantra Massage
• Klassische Massage
• Innendekorateur


Tantra Masseur für Frauen
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